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Professor Tim Watson - Biography Excerpt

My name is Tim Watson and I am currently employed on a fractional basis, as Professor of Physiotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire. I have been employed at the University since 1998 and have held my (full) Professorial position since 2003. In addition to my academic research position, I work as a consultant in electrotherapy/electrophysical agents, working for various professional bodies, legal and insurance companies, manufacturers and retail groups undertaking work on a contract basis.

As part of my research, I have actively researched and published in the field of Microcurrent Therapy and its applications. The views expressed in these documents are my own and reflect an independent stance based on the available evidence, rather than from a commercially oriented perspective.


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What Microcurrents In The Body Actually Are, What They Do And Why We Need Them

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How The Body Uses Microcurrents In Relation To Injury, Repair And Pain

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Evidence Of Microcurrent Therapy's Effectiveness In Tissue Repair

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Evidence Of Microcurrent Therapy's Effectiveness In Pain Management

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