The Technology

Microcurrent technology mirrors the body's natural electrical currents to promote quick and speedy healing.

Tissues, including muscle, tendons, ligaments, skin and bone, is formed from a large mass of similar cells that perform specific functions. These cells utilise tiny sequences of electric currents, measured in millionths of an amp, to organise, monitor and regulate a stable state within the body. Arc4Sports mimics these sequences.

When there is injury, damage or disease to a tissue, there is disruption to the normal electrical currents within the cells and things fail to work properly. By introducing the correct sequences of current using the Arc4Sports, the body's natural electric circuitry is replicated and this kick starts and accelerates normal functioning.

Research has shown that microcurrent technology radically increases ATP. This is a high energy molecule that stores and transfers energy within all cells, so that normal activity can take place. In theory, tissues should be able to generate all the ATP needed but this does not always happen and any healing process requires large amounts of ATP, which can become depleted. Microcurrent stimulation increases ATP production by up to 400% and when introduced can enhance and accelerate healing in a fraction of the normal time. Pain is also minimised and effectively controlled.

For further technical information please read The Science.