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Injury Sustained: Broken ankle

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

Background: "Unfortunately, in January 2014 I broke my ankle on both sides of my left leg, resulting in my foot and lower leg being out of alignment. The leg was manipulated back into place and I had surgery to repair the breaks. This involved a metal plate and seven screws in one side of the ankle, and the break to the other side was less severe and so left to heal naturally.

I was in hospital for 3 days and as soon as I got home I checked with Ian Thirkell how I should best use the therapy to gain the optimum recovery. I used the Arc religiously; following the programme settings Ian had given me."

Results: "The cast was off within 2 weeks and within 4 weeks I was driving, walking without any crutches and mucking out stables! Six weeks post operation my physiotherapist was shocked at my range of movement and had a jaw dropping moment when she first saw me walking "almost normally" and in fact was horrified when I told her I"d been mucking out stables and even managed to climb a gate!

Seven weeks post operation, I had my final x-rayand it was great news from the surgeon who was very happy with my progress. That week I started riding again! The doctors and physiotherapists always asked how the pain is and if I was taking any pain relief - my answer was always the same - no pain and I didn"t take any pain relief after 2 weeks following the operation. To be honest, I didn"t really have any real pain at all, only a light ache, more like cramp for the first couple of weeks and that was more likely to be down to the fact that I was in a cast.

Seventeen weeks later and I"ve been discharged from physiotherapy. In the last 4 months I have seen 3 different physiotherapists and each one has been amazed at the speed of my rehabilitation since my operation. The physiotherapist today said he sees people with sprains, breaks and surgery, but I"ve had the whole lot and in his words, my recovery is exceptional! Everything they asked me to do should have been testing at my stage of recovery post op, but I could do it all easily! There"s no more they can do for me as I"m doing so well, so I"ve been discharged and told to keep doing whatever it is I"ve been doing - well it"s called determination to ride again and a little magic machine called Arc!"

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