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The Programmes

We always recommend you first run through the following 6-week cycle in order to maximise ATP production. Once the initial 6-week cycle finishes you can select the individual programme that best suits your condition (please see below for a description of what each programme is addressing). Every few months, we recommend running through the 6-week cycle again in order to maintain optimum results.

As a general rule, the acute phases of pain management and tissue repair are defined as having lasted less than 12 weeks, whilst the chronic phases are older injuries that have lasted more than 12 weeks.

P1 (Acute Phase)Programming Illustration.png
Pain Management - use daily for 2 weeks

P2 (Chronic Phase)
Pain Management - use daily for 1 week

P3 (Acute Phase)
Tissue Repair - use daily for 2 weeks

P4 (Chronic Phase)
Tissue Repair - use daily for 1 week

Each programme lasts for 3 hours. You cannot overuse or misuse the Arc4Sports.